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Mini-games for children

Purble Place is a collection of single-player puzzle games created by Oberon Games. The game package comes with three casual games designed for pre-teen players. Each game aims to develop the players' deduction, coordination, and memory skills, while ensuring that they have fun as they play. While it is initially a kids' game, older audiences can still enjoy it since the difficulty level becomes more challenging as you progress.

Three-in-one gaming platform

Purble Place is a set of casual games from 2007 that came included with Windows Vista. However, Windows XP and up supports the program, so you can still download it.  As noted, it is a package of three mini-games, each one independent from the other. You can access each game from the menu option. The titles are Purble Pairs, Comfy Cakes, and Purble Shop, which all feature their take on the classic games.

Purble Pair is a pattern recognition game and the software's take on the classic match-two games. The goal is to clear a field of cards by revealing two cards of the same image on the same turn. It comes with grids that you need to clean, beginning with 5x5 grids, then 6x6, and 8x8. The grids increase in number to make it more challenging. Also, the more you progress, the more the images are displayed. The game offers a Sneak Peak option, which helps reveal all the remaining cards.

Comfy Cakes, meanwhile, is a hand-eye coordination game. Here, you will manage a bakery, where you must assemble a cake to match an order. The cakes come in various shapes, flavors, icing, and other decorations. Depending on the order, you can make a plain one-tier cake or a multilayered one. You can also decorate it lavishly, as long as it matches the order. Failure to meet the exact order will result in a penalty. Once you send an incorrect order three consecutive times, the game is over.

Finally, the Purble Shop is a mathematics test concealed as a code-breaker game. It will display five features—a hat, a nose, a set of eyes, and clothing items. The game hides these items from the players. Choose from an assortment of colors, and deduce the correct color of the feature in the least number of moves possible. In the beginning, there will be three features with three possible colors. The number of possible combinations will then increase as you move to the intermediate and advanced levels.

Basic gameplay and graphics

Purble Place is a cost-effective alternative to interactive toys. The games are simple enough for children to grasp the basics in the shortest time possible but challenging enough to give their brains a good exercise. However, the program is extremely basic with no plot. The graphics aren't that impressive, too. Nevertheless, it is charming thanks to its wacky cartoon-ish style of characters and buildings. Players must note, however, that there is no multiplayer mode to the games.

Challenging for all ages

Purble Place is a straightforward yet challenging game you can play or encourage young ones to play. The games offered make the experience more dynamic as each game differs from one another in terms of game mechanics. The graphics could use a modern lift, and the addition of a multiplayer mode is welcome. However, the games are enjoyable and educational


  • Three games in one download
  • Improves cognitive skills
  • Suitable for all-ages
  • Challenging puzzles


  • Lacks multiplayer
  • Basic gameplay and graphics

Program available in other languages

Purble Place for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.0
  • 4.2
  • (1160)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Purble Place

  • E_Lander

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    Well, first of all, Softonic isn't meant to be accessible for like 5 year olds. Second, You or your child probably clicked on one of the ads advertisi More

  • E_Lander

    by E_Lander

    If it regocnises as a virus, just click more options, then click run anyway. Also, I don't know where you guys are finding these files like passwords  More

  • aerin

    by aerin

    my windows recognized it as a virus um?

  • Damon Shackcloth

    by Damon Shackcloth

    Same here, how can config file be missing?

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  • Ancient commenter

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    Thats unfortunate. I was going to go and experience some childhood nostalgia but from the comment i guess i won't


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